Udemy Marketplace Insights | Rank Udemy Course [2022]

Here we will guide you through the use of Udemy marketplace insights to select the best course title for you.

Choosing a Udemy topic for a course can be a bit difficult task.

We will also guide you through the strategy to make it easier to choose the best topic for your Udemy course, especially for the beginner.

Let’s now talk about how you can actually come up with a really good topic for a Udemy course and actually rank very high from the very beginning.

Before we’re gonna get to this you can actually create a course about anything you want on Udemy.

Udemy Marketplace Insights

It doesn’t matter that the topic is saturated, not saturated, big or small, it doesn’t matter. If you want to create a course about a certain topic you should create it.

Udemy Marketplace Insights Infographic

If you think that you know a lot of things about this then you should absolutely do it. But you should be very careful and very mindful that your course might not rank very high or even it might rank very low from the very beginning.

The course topic might be very saturated. Your topic might be way too big. Your competition of them might be very strong and you might not get a lot of sales. You have to be very mindful about that.

This is the same thing happening with lots of instructors on Udemy. If you are inside very saturated topics, it is extremely hard for you to get any sales. For that reason, you will not be growing very fast.

As you grow it’s steady growth and it’s growing and growing and growing. Here we are gonna give you really good tips on how to choose a topic that is not very saturated and that could give you a chance to gain sales.

To understand all this you probably have to understand the ranking system of a Udemy course. There are different ranking factors and we are gonna actually discuss some of those ranking factors here.

We’re gonna use two different tools to select a good topic. We are going to research the topic first to understand how saturated and how difficult it is. Our goal is to find the topics there are not saturated and easy to rank. For that reason, the first tool that we are going to use is the Udemy marketplace insights.

If you don’t know how to access Udemy marketplace insights you need to go to your instructor dashboard and in the tools section, you need to go to the Udemy marketplace insights.

Udemy Marketplace insights is a free tool that will help you to define whether the topic of the course is saturated or not.

Whether you need to create the course on a certain topic.

This is not about the keywords. This is about the topics. We’re gonna talk about the keywords a bit later.

When you go there you can type whatever topic that you want, it will give you detailed information about the topic.

How many courses are there, what search terms there are, how much the top-earning is, how much are the median earnings, and so on.

It will give you a lot of information and it gives you five topics that are actually a great opportunity for you to create courses about those topics. Because the search rankings for these topics are increasing for the past few months.

It shows you the past three months. If it’s on the rise it’s gonna tell you that it’s actually a very good topic.

These are very great topics and people are actually wanting to buy the courses on those topic and actually, it is not just wanting by the people, they are actually buying them and you should jump right there as soon as possible.

Udemy Marketplace Insights suggested topics mean that students are looking for courses in this topic.

Several courses tell you that actually low and the average number of courses might be good for you as well.

Here is a Udemy course for Marketplace Insights for Innovation.

Primary Topic

Primary Topics

When you go down you will see that listed as a primary topic.

Many of them have less than ten courses.

In the primary topic, you have a very high chance to rank.

Because to rank well for the topic you need to be on the first page.

If Udemy has 20 courses and you’re ranking in the first 10 then you have to compete against 10.

You have a very high chance so you might think that okay maybe 10 courses might be good as well.

Yes, it might be good as well but even if you have 15 courses in the primary topic you might not actually rank.

You should go with the 10-course topics.

This is what people are actually using the Udemy marketplace insights for, to find out what the top revenue is.

It will just give you a projection of what is your approximate maximum for the topic.

It’s not that you’re gonna earn this one.

It’s an approximate maximum that’s the maximum of people earning on this topic.

If you see that the maximum is like 20 dollars per month then you can ignore this completely because you will understand that people are not actually buying this course.

20 dollars maximum means that the top course is actually selling only 3 or 4 or maybe 5 courses per month.

So you just need to ignore this.

This is what this means.

This means that there is no high demand for this one.

If you see there, very low top revenue you will not see the high demand usually so just ignore this completely.

Just choose one of those topics.

If you don’t want any of these topics and you justify topics by the way they are updated daily so every single day they have the different opportunity topics.

If you go to the other topics in the interest, in the same topic list, you will see that some of the topics will have stars beside them.

If it has a star that means that this topic is a great opportunity as well.

Go and browse through the Udemy topics like a jump from one topic to another.

See what other topics of interest are, jump from one to another until you will find something that you can create the course for.

This is how you research using Udemy marketplace insights tools.

If you create the course as fast as possible on the topic that has great opportunities, you will have a very high chance to rank right away on that course.

If the course has little to no courses like 10 courses or less, it’s even easier.

It’s very easy to rank for.

Don’t think that you will rank for number one or number two because you need to have reviews as well.

So we know that you’d get there you need to get some students there as well.

So just be very mindful that your first goal is to be on page number one for the topic.

So go to the Udemy marketplace insights, find the courses with high student demand and a low number of courses, find the courses that have less than 10 courses.

Udemy is telling you that there is a great opportunity.

This is how you use it to find a way fast to rank on a given topic.

Okay, maybe you don’t want to use the Udemy marketplace insights you maybe don’t care.

You want to rank for the keywords. You can actually do this as well.

So to search for good keywords to rank for you will need to go back to Udemy.

Just search for the different keywords. If you search for the keywords that you think that you are interested in.

Again there it will list all results around the topics that you think you can create the courses for.

If you think that certain topics and certain keywords are really a big interest for you, search them on Udemy.

Don’t try to go with the longtail term keywords.

This is not usually what you people are searching for.

Try to go for very short ones like for example course about YouTube, a course about Pinterest, of course about OBS course, about I don’t know anything else.

Of course about Udemy.

Just search for one keyword because usually, those keywords have the maximum amount of searches around them.

For example, if you’re doing photography, you can go with a few longtail keywords because photography is a very wide topic.

So travel photography, night photography, nature photography, iPhone photography search something like that.

Don’t try to go longer than two words search for the keywords and look at the first page.

Learn more about choosing a course topic for Udemy.



Another ranking factor is the number of reviews and the review score.

If you see a small number of courses on the first page, like 3, 4 courses, or 5 courses with very low review scores meaning that lower than 3 stars. If you find the courses that have less than 10 reviews that means that there is are very high chances to enter the first page in the rankings and there is your chance.

If you optimize the keywords of your title or subtitle and description of your course names, I mean the lecture names then you’ll have a very high chance to rank on page one right from the beginning even with zero reviews.

If you have zero reviews and if you are on page number one you have a chance that your course might sell not from not maybe the first month or first week or something like that maybe just a few weeks.

When you sell your course, you have some reviews and you will start getting more and more reviews and then climb up higher and higher.

It might be a bit difficult but Udemy is not a simple platform to rank for.

There are a lot of instructors and now a lot of courses and you need to compete with every single one of them.

What I suggest you do, is not to create courses in the niches that are very saturated.

It will be extremely difficult for example one of my courses is about YouTube and it was extremely difficult to rank for page one or two.

It was difficult. I managed to do it.

There are hundreds of courses for this topic but I managed to do this and it took a lot of time and a lot of work and that’s coming from the instructor that already has some student base in-house, some following, and can do some things.

If you have no following, no student base, nothing, it will be very difficult for you and it will just demotivate you from doing anything.

I don’t suggest you go with the very saturated topics.

Another thing that I suggest you do it, don’t get into the topics that you can’t create at least a 2 or 3-hour course because that’s absolutely bare.

The minimum that you need to do, you have a 3-hour course then you can actually rank higher.

Course longer than 10 hours plus, might be a bit difficult to sell.

If you’re doing a course about like iPad, how to use iPad and you have 20 hours of videos about how to use iPad, people might not actually buy this.

There will be very comfortable with 3 to 5-hour courses.

Three to five-hour courses are actually selling pretty well.

These are all the things that I have learned for myself, from my own experience.

A lot of different courses will tell you different things about topics. You can actually rank for any topic but it’s very difficult and time-consuming and it might not work.

So why would you start doing things that might not work right from the beginning., when you can create a course that can actually generate you some income.

I hope this was all clear enough. It’s not rocket science but you cannot go from A to Z in one go.

It’s a difficult thing to achieve and I try to give you all the information that I use myself to get as high as possible in the Udemy rankings.

This was all about Udemy marketplace insights, hope you enjoyed the post and learned something new for your growth.

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