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Identify yourself. Your identity is not meant by a philosophical definition but a specific radical definition. Self-identity is the expression of one’s self.

Identify Yourself

You surely heard before the national identity that is known by the national ID card. Or identity as a term in administrative institutions.

Success in life does not come from a vacuum.

As for each trip you have to have a bag to collect all travel items so the bag of the personal development journey must be filled now by the first object which is to identify yourself by the self-identity.

What is self-identity?

It is what gives the person a specific character and then he or she could represent the image that reflects the culture, language, religion, civilization, and History.

Self-identity is the expression of many characteristics.

A person’s self is his identity.

A simple definition of identity is that it means who you are?

What is your level of knowledge?

What is your religion?

The languages you master.

Your family situation and other determinants of your identity.

Just think for a while about what all the people are doing on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter nowadays.

They communicate with their friends and family, but they also thy build a picture and identity for themselves, which is in a sense their own brand.

They communicate with the audience they want.

Discover your self-Identity

If you want to continue to develop you must first have to identify yourself.

You must discover yourself.

You must identify the characteristics that you have and discover your abilities and talents.

If you have been able to identify these characteristics you can discover your strengths and develop them. Discover the weaknesses, fix them and face them.

In the subject of self-development, there are many people who have passed through this.

They lived their life without discovering themselves.

They have lost the road to success.

There are other people who have spent their lives thinking about how to develop and use their identities.

There are other people who have been able to understand their identity and chart the course of success.

They cope with the constraints and develop themselves.

6 Stages of personal development

The first step you must forget about the world around you.

Focus on your interests. Choose a quiet place where you feel good and which makes you happy.

At this time you must speak to yourself so that you discover your strengths and weaknesses.

In the second step take a sheet and pen and write the goals you have failed.

Write the goals you have achieved.

Choose the most important one that you have achieved and that you are satisfied with.

You must always have positive thinking.

This positive thinking always helps you to achieve your goals.

The third step is resilience. Most of the personalities that they have succeeded to develop their self, they lived experiences. They identify their weaknesses.

They failed but they resisted and developed. And you too must make predictions of falling into failures and obstacles.

But in every moment you have to get up again and be happy. Because you’ve had an experience.
Failure is an experience and one that creates the personality.

I did not fail. I just discovered 10000 different ways and methods that would not work. Said Thomas A. Edison.

The fourth step, avoid the negative terms as I cannot. I am failed. Rather go to your mirror and say I can.

I am able to do it. This way you will program your inner mind on the positive things.

The fifth step, always remembers that you are human and different from animals.

You have Spirit.

It is impossible that you are created for nothing.

So work well to identify yourself and reveal your identity.

There is a treasure hidden inside you that will not be discovered without your permission.

The sixth and last step to identify yourself is to appreciate yourself and trust yourself.

Do not wait for appreciation from others. If you will trust yourself, trust that others will appreciate you.

Your self is like a mirror when you appreciate it and trust it, you discover its beauty.

The role of self-identity in personal development

Self-identity is an essential pillar in personal development and personality building.

It is all the information and characteristics which a person contains.

Self-Identity is built on the experiences from daily life and the teachings and traditions.

So this is the bag that we take for each trip to our dreams or goals. Take your bag and put your identity into it and start your journey.

It is said that the poor if he could identify what abilities the Lord of the Worlds had given him, would become rich in a very short time.

Identify yourself to become rich

The player became rich because he knew his ability to play. And the businessman became rich because he identifies his ability to trade.

The actor, the singer, the lawyer, the doctor, the engineer and the designer, photographer and YouTuber, all these people got rich and succeeded because they identify their passion and God-given abilities.

So you don’t identify your abilities yet? You are not the only one.

Normal people differ from the people who succeeded and they really knew where their abilities were.

I am talking about people who have succeeded with their abilities and talents, not the people who succeeded by mistake.

The Lord of the Worlds created every human being with a unique power. Everyone has got a talent that sets him unique and helps him to identify his higher purpose.

Identify yourself by your uniqueness

Every human is characterized by his thinking and even his actions and the way of his life.

The question is that how do you identify your abilities?

How do you identify the job of your passion which you love doing it and that is your field and your future?

The work you do for hours and years and you never get tired of it and never get bored.

I did a little research on how a human can find his passion. How a man can find himself.

Steve Jobs said a very wonderful saying “Love of work is the only way to master it”.

If you don’t find a profession that satisfies your passion, look for it. It surely exists but you need to search for it.

Oprah Winfrey also said that if you want to fly in the sky, use all your energy for the work you love.

Psychology of Self-Identity

Psychologists have said very nice things about these sayings. They always said these sayings were followed by unanswered questions.

Is it how a person really finds his passion? And if he finds his passion, how to strengthen that passion?

Do not get bored after two, three, or four years depending on working conditions.

Some people turn off their passion for the fact that this job doesn’t bring them money.

His passion can be extinguished if he works in a field where managers pressurize him and hate him at the work.

How can I empower this passion?

Scientists said let us put in place indicators and experiments to see how a human being actually finds his passion, his ability, and talent.

They are applying these indicators to a large number of participants.

One of the indicators they made is to ask yourself some very important questions.

These questions will make you determine if the work you are doing today is your passion, you love it from your heart, or just a job to meet your needs.

3 Questions to identify yourself in your job

The first and one of the most important questions was how many times you woke up and were excited to go to work? Or to do that work?

The second question is, do you really feel that your work today is what your personality is focused on?
Is it your future that you see yourself in?

The third question is how long you think you will be having fun with your business?

With a lot of similar questions, they wanted to identify the level of passion and satisfaction at work.

Sometimes you enjoy your work only because the work environment is good and you love it and not because you really have a passion for the work which you do.

Of course, after so many experiments, they got excellent analysis.

Self-Identity Analysis


One of the analyses says that the more passion a human has in his work, his dedication is increased more and more.

He wants to work all the time. And he is ready to work from morning tonight. Even at bedtime without boredom.

He is also willing to work for free because he has hope for the future for something very beautiful.

He sees the work as his hobby. His personality represents his future and his life goals.

A human who works and he is passionate and loving his work you will find him at the same level of productivity, even after four or five years.

You will find him as the same person as if he started it yesterday.

They also did a strange analysis that mostly a person who works in a job he has no passion for it.
He doesn’t like himself, and he doesn’t find himself in it.

hat person has the most psychological pressure. This pressure causes him many family problems.

Unlike the person who works in a field, he loves and finds himself in it. You will always see him happy and psychologically balanced in his relations with everyone.

Even at his home, he doesn’t have a lot of family problems.

And with this analysis, they said if it is too much passion that there is no balance between your life and your passion, can cause you a lot of problems over time.

It is nice to have a balance between passion and life. You must give your life its rights and your passion its rights.

They made a lot of comparisons they said Let’s compare two students, one studying in a discipline he does not like. He only found this specialty in front of him based on advice.

He entered the major only to complete his social life.

And a student who preferred his passion and studied in a specialty he loved. He finds himself in it.

The first person, when he graduates from a major he doesn’t like, doesn’t find himself in it.
Even if he graduates, he will also work in a job he doesn’t like.

If he wants a job he likes, you will find him working in a second major, different from the one he studied and learned.

If he continues and works in a field of the same specialty, you will find him working in a field he doesn’t like.

The one who has no passion for what he offers different from the person who studies something he loves.

When he graduates, he only wants to work on the thing he loves.

When he does, he is earning and gaining work experience as well as many skills through his practice.

Here are some simple steps about how to identify yourself.

Identify Your Passion

The question is, what is passion?

Passion is a keen interest in the work you are doing.

In the context of passion American psychologist, Carol Dweck has divided human intelligence or humans in general into two types.

She said people are born with two types: One with a fixed mentality.

These people are born with a certain talent and ability that they keep for the whole of their lives.

They never change.

The second type owns the evolving mentality.

The one with the evolving mentality, you will find him always trying to strain himself into new experiences.

It is obvious that he has more creativity. He feels that he can always do the best thing.

The one with a fixed mindset is the exact opposite of what we said.

For example, If we have two specialists, but one of them has a steady mentality and the second one has an evolving mentality, each one was given a job in a different major other than what they studied.

You will find that the one with an evolving mindset advances quickly and adapts to the situation and the work environment. He is trying his best to get the job done.

He knows that he will come with a solution for sure.

But for the one with a constant mentality, he surrenders quickly. He doesn’t give the subject any importance. He deals with it coldly. And he is not careful at all.

He is always doing self-talk that this is a one-time job you can just finish it. I don’t know, I don’t feel that I like it. That’s not my job. No, I don’t want to try. Finally, he quits.

Fixed-minded people often miss the opportunities that come to them. They don’t hold on to it.

Don’t keep it. They don’t give their attention. They are not interested in precious opportunities.

They mostly deal with their relationships coldly. They don’t have many social relationships.

They have close relationships only with specific people. They don’t like to meet new people.

As for their relatives, neighbors, or friends, they just shut them down.

Are you one of them? Silence Think, thinkā€¦

“No”. Yes, you are one of the mentally scalable versatile human beings.

These people are hard-working people. Anything you give them from your tasks gets it done for you.

They want change and development. They are the ones you find in the upper positions.

They are the active youth who work in business. And they are the energetic youth who work in technology.

In many fields, these people are the ones who fill the colors. It’s these people who give their life importance. They are the ones who give their best.

I am sure you do not belong to the ones with a fixed mindset. If you haven’t found yourself yet or haven’t known your talent yet or haven’t had your passion yet that doesn’t mean you are a fixed mindset person.

You just have to find yourself, your whole life will change.

The first thing is that you should always try new jobs. Try new jobs even those are not paid.
Even if you are volunteering it.

Secondly, make new friends. Try to create an environment other than the environment you have been living in for years.

A new environment and these new friends can take you from one place to another you even didn’t expect to reach it even after 100 years.

A third thing you should do is read a lot. Learn a lot. Listen to PodCasts. Watch videos on YouTube. Read the articles. Watch the videos. Watch the interviews.

Read newspapers. Read books. Watch the documentaries. Watch the things that develop your mind.

Possibly through the things you are watching you would get the idea or find your passion.

I always hope with all my heart that one day you will find your passion.

Learn about your abilities and your talent that no one has.

This is a gift from the Lord of the Worlds.

You must thank God for it.

Frequently asked questions about how to identify yourself

How do you identify yourself?

You identify yourself by your nationality, religion, gender, culture, job, family background, and marital status.

How do you identify yourself as an example?
Ask yourself some questions for example, Who I am? Where I am? What are my objectives? What is the aim of my life? What are my beliefs? What is my faith?

How would you define your identity?
Our Identity is a set of unique characteristics and attributes which define a person.

How do I define myself?
You have to identify yourself first. Your identity is your definition.
You can define yourself by your character and your actions.

What are 3 words to identify yourself?
Culture Religion and Objective.

What are 5 words to describe yourself?
Culture Religion Objective Character and Skill.

How do I find out who I really am?
You have to identify yourself by uniqueness. Identify the characteristics that set you apart from the rest of human beings.

How do I identify my inner self?
You can find your inner self through Meditation and Experience. By having diversity in your jobs and meeting new people.

What are good words to identify yourself?

  • Joyful
  • Enthusiastic
  • Fearless
  • Open-minded
  • Sincere
  • Practical
  • Motivated
  • Easygoing
  • Adaptable
  • Funny
  • EnergeticSociable

What is an example of self-identity?
An example of self-identity is determination and resilience. When you identify yourself correctly you become resilient, unstoppable, and a goal-oriented being.

What is another word for self-identity?
Individuality is the same as self-identity.

Do we choose our identity?
Yes. We have the right to choose our identity by ourselves. We have the right to choose the best religion nationality culture and objective for ourselves.

Do you have self-confidence?
We all have self-confidence we just need to be natural beings and overcome our fears.

How do you introduce yourself?
We introduce ourselves by our social national religious and cultural identity.

How do we define ourselves as individuals?
As individuals, we are all unique beings. Every one of us is born with some specific attributes which define us.

You just need to explore your personality and identify yourself.

Here at this website MAXID.NET, we help you to identify all that is important to you.

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