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15 Udemy Tips | How To Sell More Courses on Udemy | 2021 | Free


Here we’re gonna have 15 Udemy tips for the course creators or instructors, especially the beginner ones.

15 Udemy Tips

Udemy Tip 1: Have a social media for instructor account at least and upload the free content there. You can give away your courses. You can have snippets from your course.

15 Udemy Tips Infographic

You have a few lectures on the course, you can create a youtube channel, where you can upload some parts of your course. You can have a Facebook group. An Instagram where you can give away your course from time to time.

Just do this because you need to build social proof not just for your course but for yourself as an instructor as well.

More people will know you as an instructor, the better it will be for you as a core seller.

Udemy Tip 2: Don’t record your course if you are tired, in a bad mood, like had a bad day or something like that, don’t do this.

If you’re tired, feeling down, feeling bad, it can be heard through your voice in the course.

And nobody wants to hear any downed voice. For that reason just don’t record it when you’re tired.

It simply can be heard by students and it will affect their experience as well.

Udemy Tip 3: Don’t get discouraged by low ratings because you will have a low rating. You can have one-star ratings.

I even had a half-star rating and five-star rating back to back in the same course.

How is this possible? well, because people will just write bad ratings just because they’re annoyed in a bad mood.

They don’t like your face. They don’t like your voice. They will just ignore your content, they expect something different.

There’ll be a bunch of reasons. You cannot do anything about this. So just ignore this and remember the ratings will go away in just a few months meaning that the older ratings are not counted in a newer rating.

After three months or something like that this one-star rating will go away so why get discouraged by that?

Udemy Tip 4: Focus on the number of reviews rather than on the ratings themselves.

You see on the Udemy rankings, the courses that have more reviews rank higher than the courses that have higher ratings.

Why is this happening? Because a course can have only one review and will have five-star ratings or the course can have a thousand reviews that have a four-star rating.

You like 1000 review courses more valuable because you know exactly what is happening there.

When you average those thousand people, it’s most likely the more valid review for the course rather than just one five-star that can be I don’t know the course creature’s friend and someone like that.

So focus on the number of views. Better have thousand one-star reviews than one five-star review. Because it will be higher in the rating. So you need to focus on the number of reviews rather than the rating itself.

Udemy Tip 5: Use Udemy marketplace insights extensively. If you are not using marketplace insights use it.

Udemy Insights

It’s a tool that Udemy is providing to you to choose the best topic for your course or the best titles for your course because the Udemy marketplace insights have the keywords as well for every topic.

You can see what people are looking for and what people are buying from these keywords.

You can see exactly what it is. you can see how much money you can make. You can also know the related content and how many courses are there.

There is a lot of information there. So please use marketplace insights extensively.

Udemy Tip 6 ties to tip 5: Learn your competition. You cannot even imagine how much information you can get from your competition.

How they title their courses, how they have subtitles to other courses, what they write in the descriptions, what they have in the reviews.

Because people read the reviews so you can see exactly what people are looking for in the certain topics and you can see what exactly these bigger courses are lacking, You can put it in your courses.

Learn your competition because. This will hugely transform your courses and will help you to make more sales.

Udemy Tip 7: The thing that I don’t do a lot of is to create a simple promo for your course. Promo is the video that everybody can see.

Create very simple one-minute promos for your course, not the introduction of the course. Promos to the course will explain what your course is all about in a very short and simple manner.

People will know exactly what they will learn from your course in just one minute.

Udemy Tip 8: Promote your courses. Giveaway the free coupons to your courses on a Facebook group, in Reddit’s forums, on quora, and many other places.

Because more people will see you, more people will know you, more people will get to the courses if you have free courses.

Remember you can promote your paid courses to those people as well.

So you have a bunch of potential buyers there.

Remember when I have my revenue reports, there is some money made from my promotions.

That’s mainly how I make my money. I promote one course to the other core students and that’s how I get my sales.

So remember to promote your courses in every place that you can.

Just don’t spam because spamming is not a good practice.

Udemy Tip 9: Do not worry about the refunds because you will get a lot of refunds. It’s just a completely normal thing to happen because some people are just using it badly. Some people are just scammers.

They just come there and just watch the course and refund it because they don’t want to pay for something like that.

There are a lot of people like that and you’re gonna get a lot of refunds. Don’t worry about that usually, you’re not gonna get more than ten percent of your money refunded.

10% is a very bad case so just don’t worry because you cannot do anything about this.

This is a Udemy policy. Then you have a 30-day money-back guarantee and you simply cannot do anything about this.

Udemy Tip 10: Use the announcements function extensively. You have two types of announcements or promotions, educational announcements, and promotional announcements.

Udemy Announcements

Educational analysis means that you can promote a bunch of other educational content to your students i.e you can promote your youtube video, your educational youtube videos, a bunch of people coming to this channel are coming from my Udemy courses.

You can promote your youtube channel if you have an educational youtube channel to your Udemy students.

You can promote your other courses to your students as well with the promotion announcements you have this ability.

Udemy Tip 11: Avoid assignments in your Udemy courses as much as you can unless you have to make it. Why I’m saying this? An assignment is 100% dependent on how Udemy can process these assignments

Because everything is done on the Udemy side and sometimes because people have bad insurance so it preventing people from getting really very good experience so they will write bad reviews to you instead of the Udemy.

So it affects your course quality. It affects your course rating and a lot of other things so just don’t give assignments to your students unless you have to unless it’s an integral part of your course. Otherwise, avoid this completely.

Udemy Tip 12: Use the Udemy instructor community. Your instructor community is a forum by Udemy itself where a bunch of instructors are there and just sharing their information, sharing their experiences.

A lot of valuable information can be gathered from there.

People are pretty active there, If you have a question about Udemy, ask the question there, someone surely will answer to you, and probably 95% someone really knowledgeable will answer it.

So use this extensively because you’re going to learn a lot of great information from there.

Udemy Tip 13: Change the prices depending on the sales. The minimum price that you can assign to the Udemy course is 19.99 USD order. It’s just 20 USD. The maximum price is 200.

While sales are going on youtube.

Check on the sales on youtube from time to time.

Give the courses a full price, not 200 USD but the price that you think the course is worth. Like 100 USD.

Give the price like that but when no Udemy sales are going on your courses like practically nobody will buy your course at a full price, drop the prices of your courses to 19.99 USD.

Because people are still coming to the Udemy when no sales are going on.

So why would you lose those sales? People are more likely to buy the course for 20 USD than for 200 USD.

So drop the prices of your courses while no sales are going on and you will still gonna get some sales.

I’ve got a lot of sales like that.

So do that thing as well.

Udemy Tip 14: It always starts slow. I made less than 2 USD in my first month on Udemy. It took around six months to make the first 100.

It’s simply okay to wait. It always starts slow and it picks up as time goes on. As you become more established. As you get more and more reviews. As an instructor, you get more reviews and as your course getting more reviews, it just builds up the momentum.

But it takes some time to build up the speed. Don’t worry about this and just continue dishing out your courses.

Make your courses better just continue working because this time you cannot control it.

You cannot make it faster. It’s simply impossible. Just make it as more efficient as possible and when your courses will make big, make sure that your courses are as best as possible.

And last but not least Udemy Tip 15: Focus on teaching not making money. I cannot stress this enough. People are coming to Udemy and all other course creation platforms because they want to make money.

Focus On Teaching

If you are getting the platform to make money, you are not gonna make money because people are paying money in exchange for something.

In this case for your course, for your teaching.

If your teaching is bad you’re not gonna make money.

If your teaching is good you are going to make money.

Money is a byproduct of the good course. So you need to focus on a good course first and money will come with it.

Don’t focus on making money as fast as possible.

Focus on making your course as good as possible.

Your student experience is as best as possible and you will make enough money that you will be satisfied eventually.

Here you can have some productivity tips for Udemy instructors.

I did like that and now I can say that my courses are giving me a full-time income without any problem.

It’s almost a 4th month now that I’m making probably a thousand dollars plus which is amazing.

So focus on teaching first and we are done with it.

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Happy Teaching!

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