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Udemy Strikes | Policy Violation | Avoid Ban | 2021


Getting banned on Udemy nobody wants that but what actually happens when you violate Udemy’s rules. Let’s find out and understand the Udemy violation system. Udemy has the strike system as Skillshare does and here we gonna be explaining to you what will happen when you violate the Udemy rules or guidelines.

Udemy Strikes

Let’s jump into Udemy violation policies. Udemy strike system or what you may call policy violation. That’s a real legal name. If you violate any of the Udemy rules at this escalation process of policy violations, will be used against you.

Here are the things that will happen if you will start violating.

You can have a look at Udemy Terms and Conditions.

Udemy Strikes Infographic

To sum it up what you don’t need to do on Udemy is listed below.

Udemy is pretty difficult to violate the rules on, unlike Skillshare.

Just in case you violate Udemy rules this is what will happen.

If you violate the rule for the first time Udemy is pretty cool with that and they will give you the warning.

They will say okay don’t do this anymore because we are watching you, which is a pretty good thing to have.

Because not all of us are sitting down and reading terms and rules for every single service that we use.

Udemy perfectly understands that and for that reason of the first violation that you will do, they are gonna issue a warning for you.

But if you are a stubborn dude and if you’re still decided to violate Udemy rules then you are going to get into a three-strike system.

Each one of the strikes is taking away some features of the Udemy.

Udemy Strike One is the suspension of the announcement and direct messaging privileges for a month.

Udemy Strike Two is courses blocked from active promotions for a month plus suspension of the announcement and direct mail privileges for a month.

Udemy Strike Three is courses blocked from new enrollments for a month as a special of announcements and direct making privileges for months.

Udemy Ban

So basically whatever you do they’re gonna take away more and more and more things from you as the strikes continue.

Mind that the strike system affects only a course where the violation has been cited.

Just know that the newer almost will be blocked for at the course today but specifically say that and it applies for the course level

However if you are gonna do this for the separate courses multiple times, they are going to escalate it further.

For example, if you do a single strike for a few courses, they are going to still count this as an escalation and they will use the higher level of punishments against you.

So just be very careful. Just don’t violate any rules.

So what happens if you have the three strikes? Well, obviously it’s a ban. You’re gonna get banned.

Your account is going to get banned and your courses will be banned.

All of the courses will be banned from Udemy.

So be very careful with that and there is one more additional information that strikes are evaluated on a 6-month rolling basis.

But as those with ongoing history post violations will ultimately be removed from the Udemy platform.

They’re gonna take away all the strikes on a six-month basis but if it’ll continue violating the premier rules, you’re still going to get banned because you will be too much of a headache to handle.

And this is perfectly understandable and perfectly correct.

This is how the strike system should work.

I know it’s probably not perfect. I’m pretty sure, there are gonna be a lot of mistakes there.

All the platforms are making mistakes but Skillshare should learn from this.

This is how the strike system should work not like oh I don’t like you 3 times and I’m just gonna ban you forever.

So these are the policy violations about the escalation process.

Udemy Policy Violation

Don’t try to lie to Udemy. Don’t try to pull Udemy. They understand everything pretty well.

They are controlling every single thing that is happening on their website.

Their systems are pretty sophisticated and pretty developed.

I know the usual thing is that you can still lie on something and you can still sneak into your earning more money than you deserve but don’t do this.

Eventually, you’re gonna get caught and you’re gonna get banned and you’re gonna lose every single thing that you have been doing on Udemy.

Every single bit of progress that you did there you may lose.

So just don’t violate the rules. This is our advice to you.

Well, this was a short article that we just wanted to talk about this because this is a very important thing.

o think to know forever instructor because for some reason every structure thinks that they are invincible and all the rules that are happening

All the rule violations that are happening with someone else but not with them, everybody can get banned for a reason.

You should be very careful and very mindful of every single thing that you do to avoid Udemy Strikes.

Here you can learn more about the Udemy Strike system and the escalation process for Policy Violations.

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