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Udemy Revenue | How Much You Can Make on Udemy in 2022


Udemy Revenue is about how much you can make as an instructor on Udemy. The average course creator makes $20-30 per month per course.

Senior instructors are earning $2000 a month per course.

It all depends on the quality and quantity of the course you upload on Udemy. There is no fixed amount of profit. More conversions mean more money.

The simple rule is that the more courses you make and the more knowledgeable or more shareable your courses become the more money you make.

It goes higher and higher and you are just gonna make more and more money.

If you’re a beginner instructor and if you have small courses maybe an hour-long or even less, you should make your course a bit longer.

Udemy Revenue Infographic

Udemy allows you to upload courses with 30 minutes plus, meaning that the minimum course must be 30 minutes, which is not difficult.

It is suggested to upload courses at least one hour long.

Udemy Revenue

Udemy is actually a pretty good source of revenue.

Udemy Earnings

You have to understand that the price you set for the courses can be from 20 to 200 dollars each.

It is never sold for that price.

I’ve never seen anything that’s called at least 20 dollars.

I put my courses at 20 dollar prices, the minimum price but still it’s never sold at that price.

Because Udemy is always running a sale. All the time. It doesn’t matter if you get to the Udemy and see that no sale means that it’s like a sale.

It’s like a thing between the sales.

It means that probably the next day or the next two days the sale will start.

This is how Udemy basically does that and it’s never sold for the full price.

The prices for the courses are usually from 10 to 18 or 19 dollars and 50% of this goes to Udemy right away.

Unless you do it from your promotions.

If you use from your promotion, Udemy takes 3% and you get 97% which is the best way to actually sell the courses.

But it’s a bit difficult to sell the courses like that.

It requires quite a lot of work.

I uploaded it on Udemy just because I wanted them to market this for me.

Udemy is good for you means good for people who do not want to do or do not know how to market their courses.

It’s the best way to do that because you just upload there your course, if it’s a good course, it will eventually start getting sales and it will just go up and up.

In 2021 it’s a bit harder to sell on Udemy because there are a lot more people who want to sell courses there.

It’s way more difficult to sell courses in 2021 than in 2015 but you have to realize that the number of students has increased.

Not significantly like a lot of people wanted to study there whatever they want to study online and Udemy is probably one of the best places to do that.

I have uploaded my courses to other platforms as well and they are making a significant amount of money.

You may also like to download a free app for getting all your Udemy courses offline, it is called Udeler.

Passive Income

Passive Income

Courses can probably be one of your biggest sources of income, allowing you to make quite a good amount of money.

The best thing about that is that you do not have an upper ceiling. The courses will go up and up and up if they are good enough.

I’m pretty sure that there will be months that your Udemy Revenue will go down and there will be a month it will go way up.

I think that November is usually the best month to sell courses on Udemy because usually, Udemy is running a large Black Friday sales.

Those sales are going off the charts.

Overall I think selling courses on Udemy if you’re a beginner instructor is a really really good way to make money.

I would not say passive income. I don’t like the word passive income but still yeah it’s some kind of like passive income because it does not require quite a lot of work to create courses on Udemy.

Let me just switch to myself so I highly suggest you start creating courses for Udemy because it’s gonna be a really good source of a small online income which will eventually snowball up and become quite a lot.

You may want to compare the Udemy Revenue share with the Coursera.

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