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Here we will guide you through the top 5 Udemy ranking factors. We also discuss different things for the Udemy instructors on different strategies. If you want to rank your Udemy courses to get a lot of sales, we are here to help.

Before we’re gonna discuss how to rank on the Udemy let’s just try to understand what this ranking means because it turns out not a lot of people actually understand what does ranking means. So ranking your course on Udemy means to show your course high up in the list for certain keywords or certain topics.

Udemy Ranking Factors Infographic

You wanted this to happen because the higher the course is in a list, the higher is the chance that someone will purchase your course, enroll in your course and you’re gonna gain money from this.

We all want to rank high at the UNICOR. So let’s just discuss what you need to do to get high up in the ranking. Unfortunately, one post will not be enough to discuss every single Udemy ranking factor for the courses. So this will be just the first post about the Udemy ranking, where we are gonna make an overview of the things that you need to focus on.

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Top 5 Udemy Ranking Factors

Let’s discuss five ranking factors for your Udemy course.

Starting from the least important and the easiest to the most important and the hardest.

Let’s just jump right into it.

Topic Saturation

Topic Saturation

Udemy Ranking Factor 1 is Topic Saturation.

So the most important and easier thing that you need and that can affect the ranking of your Udemy course, is to find out whether your topic is actually saturated or not.

So the easiest way to rank your course high up in the list is when there are not a lot of courses on this topic.

For example in my case what I did is I focused on a lot of topics that do not have a lot of courses and especially do not have a lot of good courses.

As soon as I created the course my course was near the top of the list because there were only three or four other courses for this exact topic.

So what you need to do is to go into the marketplace research tool of Udemy itself and find out whether your topic has a lot of courses or not.

Because a lot of people are just sticking themselves to the topic that has hundreds of courses.

And of course, it’s will be extremely difficult to rank for a topic that already has hundreds of courses.

So my advice to you is to take courses on topics that do not have a lot of courses.

Just try to find these courses and make courses on that topic.

If you want to do a course in highly competitive course, yes you can still do this, but expect to grow up in the ranks way slower.

This is just what it is.

I have created courses on very competitive topics but still managed to rank pretty high. You can do this as well.



The next thing that will help you with that is Udemy Ranking Factor 2. Which is the Keyword.

Everybody’s talking about keywords and SEO and Search Engine Optimization.

These are the things that will help you to rank high.

Yes. The keywords will help you rank high but this is not the most important thing.

But this is the thing that can affect directly and do it like as soon as you’ve created the first course.

This thing will allow you to not rank on the bottom.

If you can rank higher than 50% of the courses, you should use it.

The keywords will help you with that.

What do keywords mean?

Different courses and different topics are searched with different keywords on Udemy.

You need to stuff your keywords into your titles, into your subtitles, in your Metadata, into your descriptions, into your course lecture name, into your course lecture descriptions as much as possible.

Not just stuff them randomly but in the context as well.

Because when you give this data to Udemy, you don’t understand that when people are searching for a certain keyword.

You understand that this course has a lot of keywords and will show up higher in the rankings.

So if you are interested, where you can find out the keywords?

The marketplace insight will help you with this.

When you go to the marketplace insights for certain topics, you will find out that there is actually a list of the keywords that people are looking for in the courses on that certain topic.

You will see certain percentages.

Try to focus on the top five keywords and just use them in your titles.

Use them in the description of the course, use them in the lecture names.

Yes, my friends, lecture names are important for the ranking.

Also, use them in the topics of the course where you are just writing deep, and your course will start ranking higher.

Choose your keywords wisely because if you go for the keywords that are saturated, you will have a hard time ranking there.

Even if you fill out everything with a keyword that you want.

Just choose your keywords wisely and experiment with changing them from time to time.

Have one keyword for one week and see if you get higher in the ranks.

If you moved up or not.

If you see that there is no movement or you are going even down then just ignore this and add other keywords.

Add more longtail keywords.

Because longer keywords or long-tail keywords mean that there are few words in the keyword.

For example, if you have a course about youtube, if you market it for the word “YouTube” it’s gonna be harder for you to rank, and the easier it will be for example “YouTube channel growth” because there are three keywords.

People might be searching for these three keywords at the same time.

So just focus on the longer-tailed keywords and then on the shorter keywords.

Review Score

Review Score

Udemy Ranking Factor 3 is very important now we’re getting the things that actually put your course higher and higher and higher. it is your review score. Meaning that how high your review score is.

The problem was that, to have your score, you need to have a student’s right but if you don’t have a student nobody can review this.

So the only thing that you should not do is you should not pay for the reviews.

Never do this because you’re gonna get banned on Udemy immediately.

Udemy has excellent systems that can find out what the reviews have been paid for or not.

What you can do to get review scores high?

You can give away your course for free. For example, you can make your course for free for some time or for a really long time and accumulate review scores.

If your course is good you’re gonna get higher review scores. It’s not a problem.

It’s a good thing but if your course is a bit bad then there is a high chance that your course will be bad.

You are going to get a lower score. So be mindful and understand that you might get a lower score.

But just give away your course for free for some time and just accumulate some review scores.

Number of Reviews

Number Of Reviews

Udemy Ranking Factor 4 is the second most important factor in an entire Udemy ranking system.

This really enough. That is higher than the review score itself. It is the number of reviews that are exactly tied with the review score itself in order.

Because to get a lot of reviews you need to give away a lot of courses.

You need to have a lot of students and this is why giving away your courses for free is very important.

The number of reviews is very important.

If you go through certain keywords and go through the courses you’ll find out that courses with a higher number of reviews even if they have the lower review score are ranking higher than the courses that have a higher score but a lower number of reviews.

So you need to focus on the number of reviews.

When someone will enroll in the course, send them a message and ask them to review the course after every few lectures.

Ask the people to review your course inside the lectures themselves.

You will start accumulating a huge number because people are just simply ignoring the reviews right until they go to the end of the course.

In many cases at the end of the course, they just completely forget about this.

Don’t think about the lower scores just ask them for the reviews because this will give you high rankings.

Only after that probably focus on the review score itself.


Udemy Ranking Factor 5 is the most important Udemy Ranking Factor and the most difficult one.

Because this is the thing that you want your course to rank for.

It is the conversions. Meaning that how many people are actually buying your courses. More people are buying your course the higher your course ranks.

And because it ranks higher, more people actually buy it.

And this is how it climbs higher and higher and for that reason, that’s why the first top three courses on Udemy for any search keywords, it’s incredibly hard to move them from there.

That’s why the only first 5 courses are always there on the top.

That’s why it’s happening because they are selling.

And for that reason, Udemy is promoting them more and ranking them higher.

So you need to aim for the conversions and if you have the other 4 factors, you’re most likely to gain some sales and it will climb higher and higher.

I know that it is difficult to sell the courses but Udemy is business. Udemy wants to promote the courses that make them money and the courses that make them money make you money.

So it’s a closed-loop that it’s very difficult to get into but you just need to have patience.

Because if you have a good course, if you have a good review score, if you have a good number of reviews, if you have good keywords, if you have a good topic, then be sure that your course will start making some sales.

And start making some conversions. Just be patient with that.

Here you can learn more about how to rank higher in the Udemy search list.

These were five Udemy Ranking factors for your Udemy course.

How you can learn about Udemy Pricing Strategies.

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