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Sell courses on Udemy | 5 Reasons | 2021 | Free


Here we will give you 5 reasons why you should sell courses on Udemy. At Udeler, we also guide you about how you can make money online through the monetization of your content. If you don’t know what Udemy is, Udemy is the largest online course platform on the internet.

Sell Courses on Udemy

Sell Course On Udemy

Let’s discuss the 5 reasons why you should upload your courses on Udemy.

It is based on the course by course price basis.

Meaning that you are paying money for every course.

All courses are priced differently on this platform.

Overall it’s a very good platform if you’re willing to study on Udemy as compared to Skillshare.

Number of students

Number of Students

Reason number one for you to teach on Udemy is the number of students on Udemy.

Udemy by far is the largest online learning community in the world.

It has over 40 million students worldwide in practically every country of the world.

It’s available for many many different languages as well but still English being the biggest one of them all.

Udemy has more than 40 million students enrolled.

How big of a number is it.

It’s a huge number and you can utilize this to your advantage.

Comparatively speaking, you can compare the number of instructors which is around 60 thousand on an entire platform.

Imagine 60 thousand instructors or forty million students.

It gives you almost around seven hundred students-parent structure which is an incredibly huge number.

You can utilize this number because the amount of students you can gain by creating a moderately good course is incredible.

Practically everyone can create more or less a good course for Udemy and gain a huge amount of students right away.

Here you can learn more about the latest numbers from Udemy.

Extensive Courses

Extensive Courses

The reason number two why you should upload on Udemy is the extensive courses.

Courses are extensive and they’re very big on Udemy.

You have a limitation of a minimum of thirty minutes and five lectures.

So many that you cannot upload shorter than thirty minutes, which is very big.

For that reason, Udemy has more or less more extensive courses like few hours or maybe tens of hours.

I haven’t seen the courses there are hundreds of hours long.

So meaning that if you want to go through the subject extensively and be very thorough about what you speak about the Udemy.

It is the choice for you because you are not basically limited to a small number of courses.

Most importantly, the students themselves expect the larger courses on Udemy meaning that if you create larger courses and your courses are more extensive then students usually buy those courses.

This is a very very good thing that allows you to create this many extensive courses.

You can download all Udemy Courses for free with Udeler downloader.

Course Landing Page

Course Landing Page

Reason number three is the Course Landing Page.

You are creating very powerful course with a landing page.

Udemy is not alike Skillshare or other like subscription-based platforms where people just pay the amount of money once and they have access to all the courses available on the platform.

Udemy requires to have pretty good landing page meaning that you need to convert your potential landing page visitors in to the students, for the conversion to happen.

For that reason Udemy is giving you a far more options in order to create a very good good landing page.

Including the levels, more extensive description, the ability to upload the promo videos etc.

There are a lot of things that you can do on Udemy.

Comparatively speaking I created a video on Skillshare, what you need to do to upload the video of the course on Skillshare.

Udemy is far more extensive but for that reason you have ability to do a lot more things.

This extensivity of uploads and extensivity of the course play a huge role in the reason number 5, that we’re going to talk about this just a bit later.

For many beginners it might sound that Udemy is asking for way too much, while you are uploading the course for them, its too many information that you might not have at first.

But Udemy is not the platform that you will need to upload videos and content right away as fast as possible.

They’re giving you time you need to be very slow and very thoughtful about upholding of courses on Udemy.

For that reason these things that they are they’re giving to you.

It’s far more beneficial to you as an instructor then for them as Udemy.

Because when you make money, they make money too.

They want you to make money first so you need to think about that and always always utilize all the options you have available on Udemy.

Marketplace Insights

Udemy Marketplace Insights

Number four is for me at least the biggest reason why you should upload your courses on Udemy.

This is marketplace insights – Udemy is giving you a few access to few tools but nothing is as powerful and as good as marketplace insights.

Marketplace insights is a tool inside of Udemy instructor dashboard.

When you get to the marketplace insights you have an option and capability to find out how certain topics are doing on Udemy.

That means that you will tap the certain topic and see a lot of different information about that topic including but not limited to, number of students they have and the number of courses available on Udemy.

They’re giving you comparative numbers in terms of low high etc.

Still it’s more than enough amount of money that top courses are making, amount of money that median course is making, and which traffic sources are generating sales for this course.

For us it has so many things it has the related courses as well.

The amount of information you can gain through this marketplace insights is insane. They just tell you right away if it is a good course to make or what you need to do in order to bring the course to the top.

Well they can tell you that you need to build  and bring your course that means that you need to do the best.

They say that there is not enough courses for this with the high demand etc.

Let’s sit down and dig through the market less insights.

I will make 100% sure that you’ll find an amazing topic for you to create a course about it.

This tool is making Udemy far more important and far more powerful than any other course platform.

You should utilize this tool 100%.

Simple SEO

Udemy SEO

Last but not least is a reason number five and it is relatively simple SEO.

So if you don’t know what SEO is, SEO Search Engine Optimization basically means that you are trying to create the content that it can be easily searchable.

As you may know that the Udemy has a search bar like in Google and YouTube.

In order to make your course searchable, you need to use different keywords etc.

So that the course when people will search your topic would be as high as possible in search ads.

People usually attempt to buy the courses and any content that is higher up in the ranking.

For that reason Udemy is a very good platform because it is relatively easy to rank high on the platform.

It’s not very simple that everyone can do it right away.

You will fill out every single graph that you have in a landing page.

Extensive description should contain the keywords that you want for your course to be found.

There is relatively high chance that your course will be on the top even if you have a zero students and zero rating,.

Even the bad ratings your course will be high up above in a search ratings and  you will need to have a good watch time.

Usually when people purchase a course that has no students and has a really bad ratings or even has no ratings, they tend to watch this.

So this is not a bigger problem for you.

It’s very easy to rank high in the search.

In our future posts we will show you that how you can rank higher in the search engine.

If you optimize your search engine right away, you’re gonna take a lot of different sales driving different money.

But still you have a good ability to gain quite a good amount of money with just simple search engine optimization.

There’s one more reason that is not as important as those those five but there is a bonus reason why you should use Udemy for yourself.

It and it is the promotion.

You have an ability to make the promotions.

You can have free promotions, you can have a fixed price promotions, you can have a best price promotions etc.

You can promote your other courses to your existing students.

There are a lot of things that Udemy can do with the promotion.

That promotions is good for you because you are getting far a larger cut when you’re promoting courses for yourself and by the way you’re on the revenue split chair you can.

Again Udemy is amazing platform to upload your courses on it.

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